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Silvertip Tetra


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Scientific name: Hasemania nana

Family: Characin

Class: Actinopterygii

Silvertip Tetra Maximum size: 5cm / 2 inches

Behavior: Peaceful and Active

Lifespan: 5 to 8 years (if cared properly)

Color: Golden with silver-tip fin

Diet: Omnivores (can eat both plant and live food)

Environment: Freshwater

Group Behavior: School

Age of Sexual Maturity: 5 – 8 months

Experience Level: Beginners who have a little knowledge about fish

Breeding: Normal, Egg Layer

Temperature: 24C to 28C / 72 to 82F

pH value: 6.0 to 8.0

Hardness condition: 2 to 15dGH (recommended)