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Amazon Sapphire Pinktoe Tarantula


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Ybyrapora Diversipes 

This new world, arboreal, named for the array of colors they display is a beautiful species is one of the most colorful. As we frequently see within this genus, coloration changes during development and they tend to display the brightest colors as spiderlings and juveniles. They are agile and fast. Some report this species to be more defensive as adults than most others in this genus. They are a joy to watch grow and you will see changes with each molt.    

Size: 4.5 – 5.5”

Growth Rate: medium – fast

Natural Haitat: Southern State of Bahia, Brazil. They are found living in vegetation and seem to be attracted to large leaves. They often construct silk tubes using leaves as a web anchor.

Housing Needs: Arboreal setup. Higher humidity is needed and can be obtained by misting every few days and adding cups of water to the habitat.

Temperament: . This genus has a unique defense mechanism by which they will launch excrement when they feel threatened. It can go as far as 2 or 3 feet. They also tend to jump, especially as babies and juveniles, and are particularly sensitive to breezes