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Tarantula - Peruvian Black and White


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Cyriocosmus Ritae 

This is a very fast growing species from Peru, which normally reaches maturity in 12-18 months. These spiders only actually entered the hobby a few years ago in 2007.

Adult Size: 4 to 5.5cm

Type: New Word, Opportunistic Burrower, Webber

Growth Rate: Medium/Fast

Temperament: Docile and Calm

Lifespan: Females (7 to 10 years) | Males (2 to 3 years)

Origin: Brazil

Recommended Climate: 26-28°C (Summer), 22-24°C (Winter)

Recommended Humidity: 60-80%

Basic Enclosure Requirements: Fossorial setup with at least 4 x the size of the spider in horizontal space, 10cm to 15cm or more of substrate for adults and 3cm to 5cm for slings to allow for burrowing with the customary shelter and a water dish.